Portable 48W Nail Dryer LED Lamp Gel Polish Curing Lamp Manicure Tool Phototherapy Machine Art Nails Lamp Dryer


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Smart painless builder / hard gel curing
Sunshine nails, comfortable eye contact, relieve burning sensation.
21 LED lamp beads
Its 30s, 60s, timers let you control the curing time with each layer.
Portable with a handle
Compact and lightweight for constant travels and business trips, easy to be cleaned, used and carried.
Comfortable anti-glare light
Gentler than traditional purple UV lights offers you a comfortable manicure / pedicure experience and protection to your nails, skin and eyes.

Operation Instruction:
Connect the power supply to the lamp.
Set working time by timing button after the machine starts.
Infrared sensor automatically starts the lamp when hands get into the machine.
When the machine fails to reach set time, it enters to standby state by pressing the timing button, all timers reset.

Please use correctly.
Not allow any liquid into the machine to avoid damage.
When timer button out of function, please don’t use.
Please unplug the adapter when leaving for a long time.
Please not to use the nail lamp when adapter failure.
Please not to turn on the machine excess than 600 seconds in case of any potential risk.