New 48W UV LED Lamp for Nails Dryer Manicure Sun Ultraviolet Ice Lamp Lacquer Gel Lamp All for Nails Polish Light Art Tool


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Manicure 48W intelligent induction dual source phototherapy machine nail led phototherapy baking lamp dryer nail lamp

1:48W high power, baking glue only 10 seconds, sunlight / can be baked all glue, using 365+405 dual light source LED lamp beads, the light is similar to sunlight, covering UV phototherapy glue, extension glue and LED nail glue The light waves needed.

2: One-button timing, 10S/30S/60S timing can be set freely according to different needs.

3: Infrared sensing/retracting design, infrared sensing receiver shrinks 3mm effectively to avoid infrared sensing failure caused by light refraction.

4: Fast heat dissipation is not hot, built-in hydraulic cooling fan design / effectively solve the problem of baking hot stamping.

5: Magnetic adsorption base, easy to disassemble / both hands and feet

6: Sunlight dual-source lamp beads, no black hands, no eye injury, no dizziness, using 365+405nm dual-source LED lamp beads, the light is similar to sunlight.