Mini ultraviolet ozone disinfection cabinet beauty tools special towel underwear disinfection box nail barber shops


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Single ultraviolet disinfection box at low temperature
Commodity model 9001 single size 43 * 26 * 22 cm, in the tank size 28 * * 8 cm
The applicable scope is suitable for textile, and leather goods, such as clothing, towels, napkins, table cloth, bed sheet, small beauty appliances such as disinfection, sterilization, cleaning. Is the sauna shop, SPA, kindergartens, hotels, beauty salon, nail salons, hair salon, and improve the quality of family life ideal appliances.
Use methods will need to disinfect tools into the sterilizer, the lid of the box cover disinfection, and adjust the toolbox in the appropriate position. Put through power supply, when light purple, disinfection, sterilization time 30 to 40 minutes. Disinfection is completed, shut off the power to open out disinfection box lid tool (if you want to take out the tools in the process of disinfection, must cut off power supply before we open the cap to take out the tools)
Mainly used in beauty salon manicure tools and towels, etc., and ultraviolet radiation sterilization.
Warm prompt: the disinfection cabinet as ultraviolet disinfection cabinet, no drying and high temperature function oh!
1, dining utensils disinfection
2 a few commonly used goods, clothing, cooking utensils and disinfection.
3, hairdressing tools disinfection
4. The newborn infant’s skin is very tender and easy to become infected with harmful bacteria. At the same time, the babies and infants clothing often repeatedly contaminated feces and other contaminants, easy to breed bacteria. Combined with the baby was wrapped, poor air circulation, make more greatly increase the possibility of infection. So baby appliances, clothing and maternal and child room air disinfection nots allow to ignore.