6pcs Nail Polish Set Water-based Peelable Non-toxic Tearing Children’s Nail Polish Perfume Plus Calcium Base Oil Nail Polish


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Bullet Points:
1、Gentle flowers and fruity aromas.
2、Water-based peelable nail polish is also very convenient for nail removal.
3、High quality natural raw materials, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and healthy.
4、The color system is rich and the selection space is large.
5、The mini package makes it easier to carry when you are out.

Product introduction:
Name: Nail Polish Set
Material: resin + natural toner
Product color specifications: 6 pieces of phase silk, 6 bottles of Jurassic powder, 6 bottles of blue star, 6 bottles of pure age, 6 bottles of dream wedding, 6 bottles of drunken red, 6 bottles of dream journey
Product size: 60*30*15mm
Packing: OPP bag
Weight: 168g
Uses: nail art


1* Nail Polish Set

1*OPP bag