1/32 Glitter for crafts, printing, painting and nail arts, 1kg/lot, pure silver


SKU: 32838514130


1/32 glitter color-please choose from following color chart package-1kg/lots, if customer more than 1kg/color, we will do bulk package, because the glitter is packed by professional factory. Shipping rate- we have combine shipping service. For bulk wholesale order, or if your order more than 2colors, please contact seller for shipping cost before making order. glitter+spec_QQ20171101-1QQ20171101-2QQ20171101-3QQ20171101-4QQ20171101-5QQ20171101-6QQ20171101-7QQ20171101-8QQ20171101-9QQ20171101-10QQ20171101-11QQ20171101-12